The Lysine Myth as a Cold Sore Cure Because cold sores are a life-long affliction, people afflicted with them are often desperate for a cure.  Drug companies have preyed on this desperation and come out with numerous hyped-up products which promise to cure cold sores and prevent them from coming back.  Of all these hyped-up products, Lysine treatments are most popular.  Currently, there is no significant research supporting the claims that Lysine works for cold sores.  So why is Lysine stills such a popular treatment?


Early Studies Gave False Promises

When researchers first started studying Lysine, they came up with some promising research.  The studies showed that Lysine may block the metabolism of arginine – an amino acid which helps the herpes virus replicate. Unfortunately, later studies disproved these claims.  Even though the Lysine cold sore treatment myth had been dispelled, drug companies still continued to propagate the false idea.  It is still incredibly common to read claims like, “Lysine is proven by science to cure cold sores!”  If you were to ask for this proof, you would undoubtedly be shut down because it doesn’t exist.


The Truth about Lysine

The truth is that Lysine does have a slight arginine-blocking effect so it can help fight herpes.  However, this would only be the case if people were lacking Lysine.  Lysine commonly is found in many foods including chicken, wheat germ, eggs, cheese, fish, soy, beans, and many more foods.  Most people have more than enough Lysine in their diet.   Taking a Lysine supplement isn’t going to help cure cold sores. However, getting too much Lysine could cause some adverse side effects.


If you get too much Lysine, you are at risk of high cholesterol, gallstones, liver damage, or even (in some rare cases) diseases like Fanconi’s syndrome. Even on a short term, too much Lysine could cause cramping or diarrhea.  The standard daily dosage of Lysine is 1000 mg daily.  Most cold sore cures with Lysine will have dosages of about 3000 mg.  If taken daily for long periods of time, this could be dangerous.

The Lysine Myth as a Cold Sore Cure

Keep in mind that the Lysine in most herpes treatments isn’t even a high quality that your body can readily absorb.  You are much better off getting Lysine naturally through foods than paying for overpriced cold sore cures.


Why Some Lysine Products Work

Just because Lysine has not shown effective in treating cold sores, it doesn’t mean that all core sore treatments with Lysine are ineffective. Many of these treatments also contain ingredients like zinc or homeopathic remedies which do help cold sores.  They basically just include Lysine because of all the hype around the so-called cold sore cure.  Instead of choosing a product which is based on hype, you are much better off picking a cold sore cure which actually is backed by science and results.  Our recommendation is Herpeset homeopathic cold sore cure.  Herpeset contains 6 ingredients which are all clinically proven to help alleviate cold sore symptoms and speed up recovery.